Translation rates: Guaranteed work

We're not good. We're superYou will get a quote for each work. The quote is based on the volume of the source document and the language into which it is to be translated.

The volume of the document can be measured with different parameters, either based on the number of words, lines, characters, or pages (1 page = 1,500 characters = 25 lines of 60 characters = 200 words). Choose the parameters you prefer and we will satisfy your needs.

The total work rate depends on:

  • the dimension of the document to be translated
  • the target language (ex. a translation into Chinese costs much more than into English)
  • the type of the required format
  • deadline (there might be a surcharge for urgent works and short deadline).

Please send a free and non-binding request and you will get a quote in the shortest time possible.